Customized Nutrition

How Can A Customized Nutrition Plan Help You?

Diet and lifestyle play a very large part in the outcome of a person’s health and wellbeing. The quality and type of food affect many physical and psychological conditions.

So you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to feel better?
  • Do you want to give yourself the best chance for a long healthy life?
  • Are you interested in slowing or in some cases even reversing the progression of health conditions through nutrition therapy and lifestyle changes?
  • Did you know that what you choose to eat can make such a dramatic difference?
  • Do you think you eat a mostly “healthy” diet?

Often clients will say “Overall, I eat mostly healthy”, but after a full nutrition assessment and nutrient analysis they are surprised to find that their diet lacks the recommended amount of important nutrients like iodine, B vitamins, magnesium, fiber and more. It isn’t just about taking a multi-vitamin/mineral to replace nutrients in a lacking diet! There are so many “phyto-chemicals” that you would still be missing. Nutrition needs to come from our food –first and foremost. Supplements can be an important tool, but not to be relied on as a “safety net”. That is where a registered dietitian (RD) can help.

Dietitians (nutritionists) have heard too many times: “If I had been told what I eat could have really affected my health (diabetes, kidney disease, high cholesterol, etc), I would have done more – I would have tried. But no one made it clear. They said just take this pill…” or the opposite is heard: “Changing my diet is too hard – just give me a pill!”

Conventional medicine can be life saving and necessary, but unfortunately often fails to solve the root problems of chronic disease. It is falling short of helpful progress in preventative medicine and in relief for current sufferers. Integrative and Functional Medicine is about filling in these gaps.

Give yourself the best chance of health!

From personal and professional experience, Julie Koning, RD has seen the remarkable changes in health and wellness through nutrition, natural health and lifestyle changes. Changing habits is easier said than done. However, successful outcomes are higher with knowledge coupled with support. Attitude, intention and mindfullness play important roles in rediscovering and maintaining health. Julie provides guidance, coaching and inspiration to her clients. Healing is a journey and wellness awaits the willing traveler. Openness to healing is the first step.